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How To Register For HRMS Software?
Our enrolment process is quite simple & convenient for a client. You just need to follow the steps mentioned below. Read more
How Admin Can Enroll A New Employee?
When you get logged into our system through the right credentials which we provide. You will get an interface like this- while logging in as an admin. Here are the steps to enroll a new employee into hihellohr software. Read more
How To Add A Manager In HRMS Software?
The first process for adding a new manager follows the same steps as adding a new employee. To add a manager as a new employee, kindly follow the steps mentioned in the link. Read more
How To Add An Employee User In The System?
Here are the steps to add a new employee as a user in the HRMS system.Read more
How To Mark Attendance From Mobile App?
Here are a few easy steps to follow for recording attendance from your mobile app .Read more
How To Enable An Employee To Mark Attendance From Mobile App?
To enable an employee for marking attendance, you should follow the below process. Read more
How To Register A Device For Marking Office Employee Attendance?
Here are a few easy steps to register a device to mark the attendance of all employees. Read more
How To Allow An Employee Login To Mobile Application?
Here are a few easy steps to make an employee log into the system. Read more
How To Manage Asset Types In The System?
We provide an easy & convenient approach to record, track, access & manage that perfectly suits the employee asset management software need. Read more
How To Manage Company Assets In The System?
Many enterprises look for an easy digital assets management system to track their valuable assets. Here are a few steps to add or manage company assets in our HRMS software. Read more
How Can Leave Policy Be Structured For Employees In HRMS Software?
To organize the Leave Management System for all staff members, the admin can present the structure through the following steps. Read more
How To Add Different Leave Groups In The ‘Leave’ Section?
A new or existing employee in the organization needs to be added to the Leave section to apply for any leave category. Read more
How To Authorize An Employee For Leave Application?
To authorize an employee for leave application, it should add a ‘Leave Group’ section. Read more
How To Set Leave Rules For All Employees?
An enterprise must have a well-organized leave structure before defining Leave Rules for each employee Read more
How Admin Can Get Access For Leave Approval?
Here are the steps to make an admin allowed for leave approval access in the hr leave management system. Read more
How can I control door access?
The door access control system is useful for office working employees to make easy & secure access through the lock system.Read more
How To Pair Door Controller with a hihellohr Mobile App?
Internal wiring connection needs to integrate with the mobile app in order to pair Door controller access. Read more
How To Configure Door Access Using a Single Door Controller?
An enterprise can use a single relay controller while connecting with a single device for regular check-in/check-out operations.Read more
How To Configure Door access with Two controllers?
Many organizations feel comfortable accessing through separate check-in & checkout operations.Read more
How To Troubleshoot(Autofix) Door Lock System In HRMS Software?
In case your door lock system stops working or does not respond with ‘Access Control Device Pairing’ enablement. Read more
How to insert new employees using CSV ?
Here is a step-by-step guide on how to insert new employees while using a CSV file. Read more
How to Custom Payroll Reports and How to Process the Payroll Template

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to custom payroll reports and how to process the payroll template.Read more

How to create and upload payroll using CSV?
After downloading the CSV file, you'll understand how to upload this payroll using CSV. However, if during payroll creation you selected ten columns but defined 20 columns in the CSV file, the script will add only the ten columns chosen during the payroll setup process.Read more
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