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As a human resources team, you should get the most out of the information you can gather. People analytics, also called HR analytics, lets you give your industry leaders information in real time. Using the best HR analytics software, a business unit can use authentic and reliable employee data to help its employees and learn more about what inspires effectiveness. Therefore, analyzing employee performance management couldn’t push the team members to search for separate records. Infact, the automated records on HRMS software can help the team members to easily analyze and make well-informed decisions. Therefore, HR analytics software provides the same approach through its best trackable key features.

Benefits Of People Analytics Software

100% Employee Retention

An employee’s stability matters a lot to an organization. Trackable records on the automated hr analytic software helps to analyze an employee’s performance. Therefore, that can help the management team decide on an employee’s appraisal, termination, perks, or other status records.


Employee Learning And Development

Analytics Tools can help companies find the best ways and places to acquire new skills. Companies can ask the right questions and get the right answers with deep learning that shows how training and growth affect corporate goals.


Real-Time Information

Machine learning is used by analytics tools to help businesses handle their employees and business. It looks for patterns in employee engagement, effectiveness, commute times, and other things that are hard to notice on a regular basis. This helps in providing a lot of information to think about.


Provides Financial Insights

HR and finance are typically kept separate, but predictive hr analytics tools brings them together. Software that makes hr data easier to understand and keeps it up to date across all divisions saves specialized departments from having to figure out who has the correct numbers. It lets both teammates present the same view of people data analysis to stakeholders.

Components Of Human Resource Analytics
  • Hiring And Attrition Analysis

    Find out how your employees are hired, retained, and attrited. Improve HR strategies by measuring employee turnover.

  • Time Tracking And Billing

    With ease, you can measure your employees’ productivity and performance. Time logging and billing hours by projects, clients, and months can be tracked.

  • Pre-Built Reports & Dashboards

    Your hihellohr data will be transformed into hand-picked, ready-made reports and dashboards, which you’ll find immediately valuable.

  • Email, Export, And Print Reports

    For offline access, export or print reports. Set up automatic emailing of your reports and dashboards.

  • Collaborative Analytics

    Reports can be developed and analyzed together with software for HR analytics , and that can be shared securely with user friendly access controls.

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    Why Do You Need hihellohr For Workforce Analytics?

    Identification Of Skill Gaps

    Even after the hiring process is over, skills are still an important thing to look at. As a company grows and adapts to changes in the market, its employees must change and improve their skills. HR leaders can find out what skills employees need to have to meet current, future, and long-term needs by using hr analytics software.

    Better Decision-Making

    Hr executives can make more informed decisions when they have quick access to performance measures and visualizations and can see data in real time. Insights also help hr manager to give reliable data to other business executives. Therefore, hr analytics tools enables them to take the best actionable insights conceivable for the corporation.

    Compensation And Benefits Packages

    By analyzing remuneration data, you can find any pay differences and fix them to make sure there is pay equity both inside and outside of your company. It can also help you figure out which perks your employees enjoy the most. Then you can make the necessary changes to your pay and benefits packages.

    Upskilling And Reskilling

    Analytics can tell you where your employees need to improve or change their skills if they’re taking advantage of skills training, and if the learning is helpful for them. This lets you make relevant learning and development programs that help your employees improve their skills and learn new ones, improve their ability, help the company reach its goals, and to save dollars and time.

    Hassle-Free Approach

    The management team couldn’t feel troubled while looking for absolute data to take better decisions. Infact, it can make quick decisions and run a smooth structure at the workplace. The same becomes achievable when hihellohr real-time access becomes acceptable for an employee. Thus, the best hr analytics software guides with the same approach to keep every team member active for daily challenges.

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