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Do you feel confused while thinking about your employee attendance record? You must try our Best Attendance Management Software for your need. Say goodbye to excel spreadsheets and old, tedious ways to manage your employee’s attendance. Generate employee analytics with on-site and remote staff and empower your company. You can track and manage your employees centrally by giving more time to HR Managers to take care of essential tasks at hand. Now your employees can punch in and punch out from anywhere worldwide with a complete cloud-based ecosystem. That’s what these twenty-first-century corporates deserve to have. When you feel the need for an employee’s daily performance status, you can look for the employee’s daily attendance status to make an informed decision. Managing the same on one platform module becomes more easy & convenient.


Benefits Of The Attendance Management System

Paperless Environment

Since all the work will be online, there will be no need to carry a paper trail. Moreover, it reduces the chance of misplacement, which in turn could cause disagreement between the management and employee staff.

100% Reliable Data

There is less chance of zero error rates while making the attendance because everything is automated to keep the information 100% reliable. Infact, the best attendance management software improves time tracking among the employees, thus reducing disputes among the team members.

Improved Productivity

It is always seen that productivity will increase with automation leading to higher profits and better motivation among employees. Therefore, with an automated attendance system, you can cut down on manual work, thus reducing repetitive tasks. Therefore, the best attendance software improves the productivity of a place.

Best Company Culture

It is known a happy employee is directly proportional to the best company culture. With HRMS software, employees will have all the information about their leaves, time of check-in, and checkout, thus reducing errors and giving a morale boost to the staff. Therefore, a simple organization can adopt a good culture when the software supports the organization in the same.

Easy Accessibility

If you have an automated attendance system, then it should be user-friendly with zero complexity and easy to work through by all the staff. With the best employee attendance tracking software, it is easy functionality with zero twists. Moreover, the staff gets notified via mail after they have made the changes for a proper track record.

Components Of The Online Attendance Management Software

Remote Attendance

Are you unable to be near your system and still working? No worries, with our software, you can get remote attendance while you are away from your desk thus reducing the chance of getting absent even when you are at work.
Hassle-Free Work Routine

WFH & On - Duty Integration

Now you get the enhanced flexibility to get manual ‘on–site’ remote work or a ‘work from home’ setup to ensure that you get accurate attendance. Thus, it helps to reduce errors and reduce disputes among the employees.
Hassle-Free Work Routine

Supports Complete Customization

An organization while managing attendance management tasks focus more on the better-customized approach. The approach does not trouble the management team to implement the best compatible way for daily tracking attendance on one system. This helps an organization to stay long-term engaged with the software product.
Enhance Customer Service
Perfect Interface

Custom Permissions

Is the feature that is given to the admin user of the software. You can access all the analytics reports with our Best HR Analytics Software, attendance of the employees, and features like web and mobile check-ins and many more.

Perfect Interface

Generate Detailed Reports

You can use these attendance reports to see important trends in your teams. These reports give you an in-depth look at the time and staff attendance records. Therefore, the best attendance management software becomes more feasible through the best software support.


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    Why Do You Need hihellohr For The Online Attendance Software?

    Portable To Access

    The management software is portable with every operating system. Therefore, an organization can easily track the daily time record of employees. The same can help provide accurate in/out records of remote or desktop employees. That’s because the existing device becomes feasible for the best attendance software to use.

    Easy To Use

    An employee does not need to have extraordinary skills to apply & track its regular operations. Infact, he can become aware of every single component easily just like filling out a form through management system support. Infact, he can learn & grow with the workplace structure through the easily available modules.

    Compatible With Regular Need

    The software features match an enterprise’s daily needs. Therefore, an organization couldn’t look out for other alternatives to track its regular work operations. Infact, a common software like HRMS becomes enough to manage daily work operations. Therefore, compatibility with regular operations becomes feasible through the software.

    Active Team Engagement

    All team members can actively engage with the dynamic policies of an enterprise. Therefore, the team members can actively engage with updated payroll structure, changing leave policy, work rules, asset records, or other information. That’s what the management software creates for every team member to make a consistent flow at the workplace.

    Instant Updation & Tracking

    An organization can track instant results through daily tracking while getting an active response. Therefore, the inspection authority couldn’t look for a manager, admin, or another team member while tracking an employee’s attendance record. Infact, he can keep himself actively engaged through the immediate response to the software.

    24/7 Hours Server Support

    Organization daily data records can easily be managed through the 24/7 hour server support. This can help the team members to make time updation to deliver accurate responses to every concerned employee. Therefore, cloud storage keeps the information more organized & updated for their employees.
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