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Consulting employee records or making regular words with team members can be replaced through the employee time tracking software . One can move beyond simple employee monitoring by incorporating data-backend analytics that offers actionable insight for efficiency and data security, as well as compliance while protecting employee privacy. No matter if you’re an enterprise, an agency of the government, or an SMB. Managing today’s highly mobile workers from anywhere requires a variety of solutions that provide efficient and well-informed data. Thus, our Best HR Analytics Software is the ability to boost the efficiency of your operations, measure performance, enhance your security system and strengthen the management of compliance. Therefore, that becomes possible with the right solution for your time-tracking management. 


Benefits of Employee Time Tracking Software


Dependable Accuracy

Automating attendance tracking for employees located on-premises or on the premises reduces the chance of human error and forgery. Thus, online employee time tracking software provides employees with exact information on the real labor costs.


Productivity Increases

Automating and streamlining this system allows HR to manage processes more efficiently. Thus, the time invested in the system is limited, as is the potential for misuse. At a minimum, the administration is much simpler.

Increased Compliance With Regulations

Information gathered by the system about working hours, leaves, and net payments, is accurate and accessible in real time. Moreover, It can assist the stakeholder in ensuring legal compliance for their employees.

Improvements In Shift Management

Simpler management of shifts by organizing, managing, and tracking shifts, weekly off for employees, along with calendars for holidays. Payroll integration is a way to reduce any confusion in wage calculation.
Components Of Human Resource Analytics
  • Automated wage calculations

    Our timesheet software calculates the wages of employees for each shift based on local laws or employment agreements which include overtime pay. Thus, one can create various rates for different positions and let your deputy calculate the figures for you.

  • Help staff to get the rest they require

    It is important to ensure that employees take appropriate breaks and are at their peak. Start by using the scheduling program to assign breaks for rest or meals. Our timesheet software will mark any breaks missed.

  • Check real-time attendance

    Check out who’s on shift and who’s late, and who’s taking a break. Thus, when employees begin and end shifts with our Employee Time Tracking Software and supervisors, receive an update in real time.

  • Find out the exact cost of labor, wages, and profits

    Be sure that your teams are within budget. Thus, the employee time tracking software for small business we offer lets managers compare scheduled hours with timesheet hours and wages against sales.

  • It is easy to connect our timesheet app to your payroll system.

    Connect Deputy to your payroll program to save time and decrease administrative. Furthermore, transfer employee pay rates to a synchronized system and export time sheets with just a click..

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    Why do you need hihellohr for Employee Time Tracking Software?

    Transparent Records

    An organization can keep transparent policy flowing within an organization. Furthermore, the same becomes reachable to every team member through the best online employee time tracking software . Thus, it becomes quite easy for the inspection authorities to track & proceed with informed decisions.

    Instant Tracking

    The management team couldn’t wait to track the results provided in any niche. Infact, he can get easy & instant results from the available records in hihellohr. Thus, the instant tracking for employee attendance makes it easy for a manager/owner to make productive responses.

    Active Interactions

    It’s not feasible for an employee to make verbal interactions regarding the company, ongoing projects, daily attendance records, company policy & other structure which updates with time. Thus, hihellohr provides the opportunity to make active interactions by providing updated data on the common platform.

    Updated Records

    An organization couldn’t wait for a separate time to make updates to the existing records. Infact, he can update anytime data due to the 24/7 hour server support in the cloud storage. Therefore, this advantage in the existing Best Employee Time Tracking Software makes it helpful for employees to choose.

    Advance Team Network

    An enterprise may not be able to enhance its team network within a limited infrastructure. But it can surely advance through a remote team with hihellohr support. Therefore, an employee working remotely couldn’t only engage with the concerned projects & tasks. Instead, he/she can remain aware of every common information regarding his company.

    Smooth & Hasslefree Work Approach

    An enterprise can have a smooth & hassle-free work approach in the organization. That’s because it wouldn’t need to engage with immediate inquiries or unplanned meetings. Infact, it can make direct actions while engaged in remote, field, or desktop jobs.
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