Deer Lock: Dual Side Access Control System

If you are looking for a device that can help you secure your offices you have come to the right place. Hihellohr’s Deer Lock dual access system provides access control from both sides, which means you can check in and check out using a single device. You don’t have to carry keys to unlock doors, all you have to do is buy our Deer Lock door access kit made in India, and enjoy the easy double-door access.


Why Choose Our Deer Lock for Dual Side Access?

How Does It Work?

Visit our hihellohr help page to know more about this process in detail. There you will get all the information regarding how you can pair your dual door access system with the hihellohr mobile application.

Key Features of Our Product

The Deer Lock dual access system integrated with our hihellohr offers all HRMS benefits:

Dual-Side Access


Face Recognition Attendance Tracking

Leave Management

Enhance Team Network & Stability

Employee Records Management

Payroll Management


Visitor Management

Enhanced Security

Leave Better Impression

Let’s explore more about our Deer Lock door access system

Employee Database Management

Maintain all records of your current and previous employees with our Deer Lock access system by efficiently integrating it with our hihellohr HRMS software.    

Document Management

Different types of documents including company documents and employees’ documents can be easily maintained with our Deer Lock when integrated with hihellohr application.

Efficient Asset Management

You can keep track of your company’s assets including your PCs, CPUs, Keyboards, Monitors, UPS, and Headphones through our Deer Lock integrated with hihellohr HRMS. You can also monitor which asset is assigned to which employee.

Simplified Recruitment Process

From screening to final round make the hiring process easy with Deer Lock connected to hihellohr. Track application information and conduct interviews all in one place. It’s the easy way to find the right people for your team.

Effortless Tax Management

Leave complicated paperwork and say Hi to our Deer Lock integrated with hihellohr which enables simple tax management. Deer Lock simplifies your work life, so you can focus on what matters most.  

Easy Shift Management

Our user-friendly platform makes scheduling easy to handle. You can easily assign shifts to specific employees and can also remind them about their shifts.

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