Staglock: One Side Access Control System

Looking for a device that can help you secure your office? Hihellohr has got you covered. Whether you are entering or exiting, Staglock ensures a smooth experience every time. Our Staglock product made in India not only provides the best features at cost-effective pricing but also provides all HRMS benefits. 


Staglock for One Side Access Control

How Our StagLock Works:

As it offers one side door access you can install it either inside or outside the door. Here is how you can effortlessly implement Staglock in your place. 

When you receive a lock, you will find one security code enclosed in the box. Please send an email to or call the provided number, +919517770050, to share this security code with our team. Then, we will provide you with the device PIN.

Afterward you have to connect the Staglock with provided magnetic door lock and then pair it with the hihellohr mobile app. You can also directly download it from the given url

After connecting our Staglock with a magnetic door lock you can enable check-in or check-out access through the hihellohr app settings as shown in image.

To know more about this process you can visit our hihellohr help page. Here we have provided all the information about how you can pair your door access system with the hihellohr HRMS.

Key Features Of Our Product:

With hihellohr features integrated with Staglock, you get complete access management with additional HRMS functionalities.

One-Side Door Access


Attendance Tracking Through Face Recognition

Leave Management

Enhance Team Network & Stability

Employee Records Management

Payroll Management


Visitor and Field Reports

Enhanced Security

Leave Better Impression

More About Our Product

Employee Database

By connecting our Stag Lock with hihellohr, you can easily maintain all records of your current and past employees, including their qualifications, skills, certificates, and languages spoken.

Efficient Asset Management

Different types of assets including monitors, keyboards, PCs, and CPUs can be easily managed with our software and you can also track which device is assigned to which employee.

Document Management

You can easily manage the company’s and employees’ documents with our stag integrated with hihellohr application.  

Simplified Recruitment Process

Simplify your recruitment process with our stagLock integrated with hihellohr. From posting job openings to tracking application information and conducting interviews, our platform makes the entire hiring process easy.

Effortless Tax Management

Staglock’s smooth integration with hihellohr simplifies tax management and provides a flawless experience for handling tax-related tasks. From calculating withholdings to generating tax forms, our platform ensures effortless compliance with regulations.

Easy Shift Management

Efficiently manage employee shifts, create schedules, assign shifts, and track attendance, all from one convenient platform, saving time and minimising scheduling conflicts.

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