How to Celebrate Navratri in Office?

Navratri is one of the popular Indian festivals celebrated in various parts of the country. It’s a 9-day celebration and in different states of India, it is celebrated differently with their unique rituals and ceremonies. It is marked by devotion, dancing, and worshipping Goddess Durga. It symbolizes a win of good over evil, fearlessness, dedication, and strength. Celebrating these valuable occasions in the workplace can create a joyful environment, something everyone looks forward to during festive celebrations. Take a look at this blog, here we have listed some of the best Navratri celebration ideas in office.    

Let’s come together to celebrate Navratri with warm wishes, invites, and thoughtful gifts to strengthen our team bonds. Let’s spread the joy of Navratri in our workplace and unite as one team!

Navratri celebration in office

History of Navratri

Navratri, a major Hindu festival, is celebrated for more than nine nights and ten days. It’s named from the Sanskrit words “Nav” for nine and “Ratri” for night. This festival falls in September and October month which is also known as Ashwin according to the Hindus. The exact date of this festival varies, each year the dates are different depending on the lunar calendar.

Why You Should Celebrate Navratri in Office?

Navratri celebration in office bring many benefits to the workplace. Here we have listed some of the key reasons why you should celebrate Navratri in the workplace: 

Navratri celebration in office
  • Cultural inclusivity

    Celebrating Navratri at work shows that our organization respects and appreciates everyone's different backgrounds and traditions. It makes everyone feel included and valued because their culture is being acknowledged.

  • Team building

    Navratri celebration ideas in office, provides a great opportunity for employees to get closer to each other as a team. Because of this occasion they get to spend time with their colleagues outside of work , which helps them get to know each other better and work together more efficiently.

  • Boosts morale

    Navratri celebrations break the usual routine of work and add some excitement and fun. This can make employees feel much happier and more satisfied with their jobs because they are enjoying and having a good time with their colleagues.

  • Stress relief

    Participating in Navratri activities like dancing or playing games helps employees feel relaxed and forget about any stress they might be feeling from work or other parts of their lives. It is like taking a little break to have some fun.

  • Encourage creativity

    Activities like decorating the workplace or coming up with ideas like how to celebrate Navratri in office helps them to be creative and express themselves in more creative ways. It's a chance for employees to show off their artistic skills and make the work environment more colorful and lively.

  • Enhances engagement

    Ideas for Navratri celebration in office encourages employees to get involved and participate actively. This makes them feel more excited and passionate about what's happening at work, which can improve their overall engagement and motivation.

  • Cultural education

    Not everyone may know about Navratri or its importance, so celebrating it at work gives employees a chance to learn something new about different cultures and traditions.

  • Positive brand image

    When a company celebrates cultural festivals like Navratri, it shows that they care about diversity and it positively reflects the company’s image. This can make them look good in the eyes of customers, investors, and potential employees because it shows they're a welcoming and respectful place to work.

  • Fosters appreciation

    Celebrating occasions like Navratri shows that the company values and appreciates each other's unique backgrounds and contributions to the team. It makes each of them feel seen and recognized for who they are, leading to satisfaction with their work.

  • Promotes work-life balance

    By celebrating Navratri companies show that they understand the importance of having a balance between their work responsibilities and personal lives.

Navratri celebration in office

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How to Celebrate Navratri In Office

Here we have listed some of the amazing ideas for the Navratri celebration in the office you can consider this Navratri:

Decorate the workspace

Decorate your office with 9 colors of Navratri and turn your boring workplace into a festive Navratri Zone. Use colorful decorations like drawing rangoli on the floor, dandiya sticks, and traditional Indian decor to create a bright atmosphere. 

Garbe night

Organize a Garba night for employees where everyone can dance together and celebrate the spirit of Navratri. This occasion not only improves team collaboration but also creates unforgettable memories.

Potluck lunch/dinner

Ask everyone to bring a dish to share, and tell them to prepare homemade food such as Gujrati and North Indian food so everyone can enjoy different flavors together.  


Arrange contests where employees can win small prizes, like who dresses in the most traditional clothes, or the best dandiya dancer.

Dress Code

Asking everyone to wear traditional clothes like women wearing sarees and men wearing kurta-pajamas or dhoti would be the best attire to feel part of the celebration.

Dandiya design contest

Organize a dandiya design contest and let people show their creativity by decorating their own dandiya sticks, with awards for the most creative designs.

Navratri-themed musical chairs

Play a game of musical chairs but with Navratri music. Adding a festive twist to the classic game.

Prayers and pooja

Organize a prayer session and gather together for a short prayer and aarti to seek blessings for the team and organization.


Navratri celebration in office ideas, helps organizations improve unity, collaboration and bridge the communication gaps between employees. With bright decorations, exciting activities, and competitions everyone comes together to celebrate this festive spirit. This festive occasion not only strengthens people’s professional relationships but also reflects the company’s diverse culture. 

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