Know About Key Responsibility Area In Every Organization

Are you familiar with the term ‘key responsibility area’ ? If you are a professional, learner, private, or federal workplace employee. This term can be a lot common for you. These words are not as common in the professional world as they are easy to hear. Not only about the professional world. But the day-to-day engagement with different persons(having roles & responsibilities) or objects also concludes the main function or operations which they perform. Thus, the operational duties of the object or a person are the major or key responsibilities basis on which an organization or home runs.

what is Key Responsibility Area?

If you interact with a doctor, you will ask for healthcare suggestions & treatment. Or if you engage with a restaurant cook, you will definitely approach him/her for a portion of good food. Right? That’s because we clearly understand the role of a professional or common person. Thus, you easily target the same person for any issue in their job. (a cook for badly cooked food, the doctor in case of relevant healthcare advice). The person serving his regular roles & responsibilities in his place(doctor in a hospital/clinic, teacher in school/college) are defined under KRA. In short words, the job description of a person performing at the workplace is referred to as key responsibility area or key result area.

Why The Term KRA Structured?

It’s not complex to know the prominence of kra key responsibility areas. Infact, our traditional to modern world runs with KRA support. Still, one must be aware of the commonly known reasons behind the KRA concept:

Let’s take the example of the film industry. There are unique professionals for every job dealing with film producing, acting, singing, making lyrics, directing, etc. Therefore, creating a successful film engage many talented professionals. Therefore KRA for every specific job or a part of the job is assigned to the concerned professional to run the whole process smoothly.Same way every industry including manufacturing, business, healthcare, retail, etc. deals with different categories of professionals serving concerned Key Result/Responsibility Areas.

Why KRA Is Important?

When we think about managing a house, running a small business, a small institute, shop, retail, or other organization. It becomes feasible at some point to manage with one or a few professionals. They may or may not be skilled in the same profession. But can execute by involving into same skills. Then, what could be the importance of an experienced professional?
It’s because the random execution doesn’t make the performance more productive. i.e if a single person runs a film production house being a singer, writer, director, producer, or actor.He/she couldn’t make his organization long-term effective & productive. Instead, the random execution process may arise the following issues

How KRA Structure Is Beneficial?

Although, organizing an enterprise work structure doesn’t mandatorily require the KRA structure. Still, the importance of key responsibility area
 is support which many organizations depend on in today’s world. Every developing, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and other industry runs with the best KRA structure implementation. Here are a few benefits of the KRA structure for each employee/team member in every industry.

Personalized Employee Skills
An employee involved in a specific job role/ duty produces more optimized results. Therefore, an enterprise gets every specific job role professional skilled in a specific niche/profile with long years of experience.
Improved Organization Goals
An employee can focus on more productivity and improved goals to improve the work structure when every employee is assigned only a specific job role.
Best Performance Counselling
A fruitful KRA structure involved in an enterprise can help to filter out the right skill quality in an employee/candidate. That could help hire the right professional for an industry.
Hassle-Free Work Approach
An enterprise can fit into a hassle-free work approach. That is because an employee engaged in a single-task routine couldn’t involve in other interruptions during daily job operations
Smooth Work Process
A hassle-free approach in any enterprise can lead to a smooth work process that provides fast & easy solutions to a client query. Infact, instant queries regarding any issue can be resolved quickly with a smooth work process in the KRA work structure.
Productive Results
When a perfectly skilled person performs his duties/responsibilities with proper KRA structure demands. It gives the best efficient & productive results at a workplace. This makes the enterprise worth & productive to perform its long-term goals.

Tips While Designing KRA Featured Structure

While designing the key responsibility areas of hr executive, Manager, Writer, Marketer, or another professional. One can look for well-optimized solutions to make the pre-designed structure quite fruitful to implement. At the same time, which doesn’t discourage the performer. Infact, the KRA structure must be one that neither overloads the concerned personality nor keep him surrounded by limited roles. Therefore, here are some tips for designing the optimized KRA structure.

Employee Compatibility Strength
One must design the features personalized to employee strength. That could depend on the employee’s skills, his working nature, and his static or dynamic approach toward the work. A perfectly designed KRA as per employee convenience can help the organization to get unique & optimized results.
Insprire Future Goals
The features must define the future goals which an employee can consider while proceeding with his regular responsibilities. An employee may or may not stand up to the pre-defined goals or up to market expectations. But he must encourage himself towards the same through the presented key features for him in his job role.
Evaluation Approach & Criteria
An employee must be priorly aware of the performance evaluation process. Proper mapping regarding the concerned project, its execution, long-term goals, performance results, etc. must be pre-defined. So that the concerned person does not lack or get discouraged due to any instant work requirement. The inspection authority can also get aware of the consistent results when the pre-defined evaluation process they provide to the employee.
Prioritization Schedule
Task or responsibility prioritization is also another important tip that one shouldn’t forget. Priority scheduling for daily key features must update as per employee convenience and the company demand. That can help both the employee & management team to proceed with further goals. At the same time, it does not delay or interrupt the daily work process.
Frequent Consults & Query Response
Do you feel convenient with one time to result you get? Of course not. Infact, no one can satisfy with any work process which goes without consultation or query response. The management or KRA designing authority must get a frequent response regarding the ongoing work process. That design in the structure as per both parties’ convenience.

How To Design KRA Structure?

We all clearly understand the usual work structure requirement & benefits of time management while performing daily professional activities. A robust structure KRA is one which does not let the enterprise criteria go complex or outdated with time. Infact, that must be the one that stays elastic, flexible, rigid & portable for concerned authorities.

Therefore, here is the absolute process to design a perfect KRA;
  • Workplace Objective

    An enterprise relating to healthcare, logistics, food, defense, fashion, or any other industry deals with some objective. Therefore, the KRA designing authority considers the main objective to target & proceed with the same. This is the all-time target point basis on which hiring or training of existing/new employees goes on.

  • Crystal Clear Communication

    An enterprise proceeds with proper communication to relate all the key points matching with organization goals. Therefore, the professional authorities discuss all the factors related to the concerned authorities. Thus, one can design a fruitful structure without leaving any single key point to advance their workplace goals.

  • Design & Deliver

    Enterprise establishes the same for hiring or directing the employee to proceed with the same. An enterprise makes consistent changes in the designed KRA layout as per market demand or organizations' required structure. Therefore, it’s not only about the pre-defined goals or the key responsibilities to which the concerned authority responds. Instead, it gives the absolute performance required to keep the employee engaged.


You may belong to any small, medium, or large industry. Or you are a simple homemaker or manager. You couldn’t direct towards your future goals without a proper key responsibility area in your hands. That’s because success in your niche may or may not become feasible with relevant skills. But you can definitely get an organized approach with an absolute KRA structure. In addition, the HRMS software which is used for employee management & their performance in regular activities can become fruitful to organize general KRA for concerned fields. Thus, you can keep your workplace more encouraged & focus with absolute KRA for each field or team member.

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