Heartfelt Wishes for International Tea Day: Celebrating with Tea Lovers Around the World

Do you also enjoy drinking tea? Many people may drink coffee but tea holds a special place in our hearts and is one of the most consumed drinks around the world. From a small stall to five-star hotels tea lovers can be found anywhere. Apart from this, to cherish this drink, International Tea Day is celebrated on 21 May in different countries including Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, Malaysia, Uganda, Vietnam, Tanzania, Indonesia, and Kenya. Several varieties of tea can be found in India including black, green, herbal, and milk tea for every mood and need.

History of International Tea Day

International Tea Day was started in 2005, pushed by trade unions and small tea growers in Asia and Africa to highlight the need for fair prices and living wages for tea workers. The United Nations later set May 21 as International Tea Day to celebrate tea’s history and cultural importance. Based on the historical evidence, it is said that tea was first consumed in China approx 5000 years ago. According to the evidence, Emperor Shen Nung first tasted the tea while resting under the tree with his soldiers. They were boiling the water when some leaves accidentally fell into the water and got mixed and eventually they loved the taste.

International Tea Day Wishes:2024

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