International Day Against Drug Addict and Illicit Trafficking

Annually on 26 June, The International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is celebrated to raise awareness to free the world from drug abuse and Illicit Trafficking. International Day against Drug Abuse and illicit trafficking also called World Drug Day supports the cooperation that tries to achieve the goal of reducing drug abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Youngsters these days even children who are below 18 are also consuming drugs due to not having enough knowledge about the consequences of drugs. The impact of drugs on youngsters is beyond imagination. To highlight the causes of drugs let’s spread awareness about how it impacts individuals’ health.

What Happens on World Drug Day?

World Drug Day is a day to raise awareness about drug abuse and its impact on people worldwide. It highlights the struggles of those battling addiction and encourages communities to come together to tackle this growing issue.

On this day, various groups, governments, and organizations host events, talks, and campaigns to inform people about the dangers of drug use and promote prevention, treatment, and recovery efforts.

The goal is to encourage the right choices, support those in need, and back initiatives that address the root causes of drug misuse. It’s an opportunity to reduce the stigma of addiction, give hope, and commit to a society where everyone can live a happy, healthy, and drug-free life.

History of International Day Against Drug Addict and Illicit Trafficking

Drug addiction has always been a debatable subject. The first conference against drug addiction was held in 1909 in Shanghai. Later, to control the production, trafficking, and drug abuse a multilateral system was developed.

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Three drug control conventions adopted with the assistance of the United Nations are:

Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, 1961

Convention on Psychotropic Substances, 1971

United Nations Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs, 1988

Why is this Day Important?

There are many reasons that explain why International Day against Drug Addict and Illicit Trafficking is important. Here are some of the reasons that show why this day is important:

Promote Prevention

Raise Awareness

Promote Treatment and Recovery

Stop Illegal Trafficking

This Year’s Worlds Drug Day is All About:

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