Good Security Guard Qualities

A security guard must be physically fit & stable, active & aware, honest, good at communication, a leader, motivated, etc.

Security Guard Challenges

Security guard challenges can be active interaction, dealing with aggressive visitors, resolving visitors' instant inquiries, maintaining vigilance, etc.

Functions of Security Supervisor

Supervise guards, maintain daily records, assist security manager, perform inspections, keep existing place knowledge, etc.

Tips To Motivate Security Guards

Provide proper tools & work conditions, provide meals, and better treatment, appreciate their duties, and have better interaction.

Risk Factors for Security Guards

Security guard risk factors can relate to violence, injury, theft, or other miserable actions which can be unpredictable in society or at the workplace.

HRMS for Security Guard

A security guard management on HRMS software can help him to perform daily functions and stay 100% aware of the workplace policies & structure.