What is Performance Appraisal?

Performance appraisal is the process of rewarding an employee on the basis of his fruitful contribution to the company.

Performance Appraisal Categories

Performance categories can be categorized in straight ranking, grading, objective management,trait-based appraisals, behavior & 360 reviews.

Performance Appraisal Purpose

Performance appraisals' purpose includes encouraging work, giving feedback, regarding valuable employees, and enhancing goals & dedication.

What Are Modern Appraisal Methods?

Modern appraisal methods deal with continuous 360-degree feedback, active & accurate performance, and psychological appraisals along with behavior rating.

Important Factor Of An Employee Appraisal

Employer & Employee communication & professional bonding is the prominent factor for an employee’s appraisal.

How is Performance Appraisal Can Analyze From HRMS?

Tracking employee time, attendance, documents, payroll, etc on HRMS can help to analyze employee performance & contribution to estimate appraisal.