Why Leave Policy Mandatory?

To provide stress-free routine & space to employees for their personal time, healthcare, peace & fun with their profession.

What Types of Leave Policies are Provided?

They are related to full-day, Half-day, & short leave. They are also categorized as sick leave, occasional leave, work leave, emergency leave, etc.

What Is an Annual Leave Policy?

Annual leave policies offer the employees the limit they can avail in leaves or get compensated with pay depending upon company rules.

Why Leave Policies Structured?

To keep every employee disciplined while taking leave Also to keep every employee convenient with a transparent & equal policy for all employees.

Leave Structure Software Use

It provides an organized mode/space where every employee can check & get clear with existing or updated leave policy updated in the organization.

Leave Tracking HRMS Software 

To easily apply, track and check the pending used leaves provided by their company.